Commit a21ff584 authored by Uwe Peuker's avatar Uwe Peuker

Abhängigkeiten im Feature bereinigt

parent b48d30a4
......@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@
<import plugin="com.bitctrl.lib.eclipse.emf.gef"/>
<import plugin="org.eclipse.emf.edit"/>
<import plugin="de.bsvrz.sys.funclib.bitctrl.modell.util" version="2.1.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
<import plugin="de.bsvrz.sys.funclib.bitctrl.modell.util.cache.ui" version="2.0.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
<import plugin=""/>
<import plugin="de.bsvrz.buv.plugin.netz" version="4.0.0" match="compatible"/>
<import feature="" version="3.0.0" match="greaterOrEqual"/>
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